Fun Active Maths for young children

Welcome to Mathemagical, the home of fun active maths for young children.

Mathemagical offer fun and active maths classes for children aged 2 to 8 years old. Through singing, actions, props, games, toys, puzzles and child-led play we give children a fantastic start in maths. Our programmes include Parent and Toddler Classes, Pre-school and Nursery Sessions, After-School Enrichment Clubs, PPA Cover, Targeted Motivational Support Classes, Gifted & Talented and one off bespoke workshops.

We also provide professional development for  Early Years practitioners through our Maths in the Early Years Training Course.

Our aim is to give children a love of maths while building their confidence and skills through engaging and enjoyable activities.

Most of all… we make maths lots of fun!

 “the pre-school class that every parent is looking for: A class that is engaging and fun for children, interesting and thought provoking for adults, and a class which is truly developing an essential skill which will help children into school and beyond.”

Natalie, mum in Worthing.

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member of the pre-school learning alliance